Santa Cruz Accelerates Program

bet36365体育’ Accelerates Program is dedicated to helping build sustainable equity and growth for entrepreneurs by enabling their success through access to local and global mentors to provide guidance and mentorship, strategic business support, 金融支持, 访问VC, 法律支持, 市场营销, 和更多的. We help entrepreneurs across several stages vet their ideas and products and turn into sustainable and profitable companies.

5th cohort of Santa Cruz Accelerates will be announced in spring 2023. 请继续关注!

Fourth Cohort 2021-2022


的 4th cohort of the Santa Cruz Accelerates launched in October 2021, concluded in April 2022. Applicants had access to 50+ local 导师, 150+ global 导师, $1M+ in perks. 的 first stage launched with a 发布会 (hybrid in-person+virtual) on October 6, 2021. All 34 startups had to complete the program by 5pm PT February 27, 2022. 的 Startup Pitch Contest concluded the program on April 6, 2022: see 赢家.

Applications for our accelerator are currently closed but will open summer of 2022. 的 5th cohort will be announced in September 2022. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news!


bet36365体育 has partnered with OneValley, CMTC, SBDC, City of Santa Cruz Economic Development, 创新在 to provide the rocket fuel you need to reach orbit. Here is your flight plan. 的re are 2 stages to the Santa Cruz Accelerates program: Countdown, Launch. 的 program curriculum will be made public at our 发布会. Here is what you need to know for now:

  • 倒计时(计划): In the Countdown Stage is for startups who will benefit from Discovery. 的 purpose of Discovery is to test your idea before spending time and money to execute. You will have access to 创新在’s Discovery online platform, which was developed in collaboration with Steve Blank and Lean Startup. All startups planning to apply for an NSF grant at any time in the future will be required to complete this class.

  • 发射(种子): all systems go, launch your startup. Establish your core team, company legal status, IP, MVP, 还有更多. This is a self-paced 8 week course. If you have already completed segments such as corporate entity, rocket to the segments which are of most value to you and your team.



This is not our first launch. bet36365体育 has been the backbone of the tech community since 2007. We launched our first Accelerates program in 2015. Since then, 10 startups completed our program over 3 cohorts. And get this: 7 startups had liquidity events! This stunning success of 70% is due to the trust and support by our city, local thought leaders, 商业领袖, 和程序.

  • 建立了: 15 years of supporting entrepreneurship in Santa Cruz / Monterey

  • 有经验的: 3 cohorts, with 7 out of 10 startups successfully attaining liquidity events

  • 界支持: Santa Cruz Accelerates is the only accelerator backed by the City of Santa Cruz Economic Development, Santa Cruz County Business Council, 加州大学, Cabrillo大学, 美人谷歌, Joby公司航空, 零摩托车, LIFEAID, OneWheel, +100家本地公司 & 组织

  • 零稀释: “Others” take 6% of your company. Don’t give up your company.

  • 当地的 & global 导师 and VCs: Get help and assistance from 50+ 导师 and VCs including Bill Richter Law, Pat Reilly IP Society, Ted Holladay / Studio Holladay, 中央海岸天使, 150 more global 导师 and VCs.

  • 额外津贴超过100万美元: From 30-90% off of Hubspot的, 6 months free of Zendesk, $10,000个AWS积分, discounts at your favorite local restaurants, 联合办公的补贴, 还有更多.


Are you a technology entrepreneur with a great idea in a rapidly growing market? You should apply to become a portfolio company. Our 2021-22 program will launch October 6, 2021. 没有成本. We do however want everyone on your team to be a bet36365体育 Member / Individual. You will have access to attend our events for free/discounted rate as well as access to over $1M in benefits such as AWS credits, Zapier, Hubspot的, 松弛, 还有更多.


We have over 200 导师 both locally and globally. 导师 guide startups on everything from pitching, legal issues, engineering, sales & business development, valuation, funding. Got some mad skills you would like to share with young startups? Sign up to be a Mentor.